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Spirit, Mind, and Body

It is important to be clear about what is meant when we refer to spirit, mind, and body. At Healthy Human Response, the following assumptions inform our understanding of the human condition. We believe these to be fundamental truths (principles) that are present in every part of us and in all healing relationships. It is important to note that there are no clear boundaries between them. We believe that spirit, mind and body co-exist in every cell of the human body.

We believe Spirit pervades a persons entire being integrating and transcending our biopsychosocial nature. Pure Spirit is abstract which means it can be perceived indirectly through its effects but has no physical substance. Three important aspects of Spirit include the Will to Live, Love of Life, and Active Intelligence.

We believe Mind is the relationship between spirit and body. It is the creative life principle that forms our experience of life. Three important aspects of mind are the biochemical processes of Thought, Feeling, and Expression. However, mind is more than the biochemical processes of the brain and includes the bioelectric energy field evident through and around the body.

We believe Body is the substantive life principle that perceives the world through the human senses. The human body is an awesomely intricate biologic machine that instinctively knows how to heal itself.

At Healthy Human Response, we believe that the care of surgical patients must include attention to the needs of the spirit, mind and body if the goal of healing is to be achieved. Every health care provider and every patient bring the truth of their spirit, mind and body into their relationship with each other. We recommend that you actively engage spirit, mind and body in your healing process.

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