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Holistic Philosophy

The Clinical Nurse Specialist at Healthy Human Response practices nursing in harmony with a holistic philosophy of healthcare. Holism is described as viewing everything in terms of patterns and processes that combine to form a whole rather than seeing things as pieces or parts. In nursing, this means that each human being is perceived as an integrated whole person independent of and greater than the sum of ones parts.

Holism in healthcare is often compared and contrasted with the allopathic model of Western medicine. Allopathic medicine is described as a system of treating by inducing a reaction that is antagonistic to a defined disease being treated. Holism on the other hand, is a system where treatment is aimed at preserving the unique whole during times of ease and dis-ease.

Holism is consistent with the philosophy of nursing first articulated by Florence Nightingale. Ms. Nightingale identified nursing as a discipline separate from the discipline of medicine. The goal of nursing, according to Nightingale, is to create an environment within which the patients body can heal itself. Todays holists are concerned with mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well.

We at Healthy Human Response have faith in the miraculous ability of the human being to heal. When provided with the necessary internal and external environment (e.g. nutrients, clean air, rest, access to knowledge, acceptance, etc.) human beings are capable of transforming themselves from a state of illness to a state of wellness.

We perceive surgery not as an aggressive attack on disease but as a loving release of a part of ones self that no longer serves the purpose of well-being. We believe life is a series of embracing and letting go processes like the coming in and going out of the breath. We encourage our patients to view surgery as a transformative letting go process.

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