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Holistic Surgery

Two of the mainstays of allopathic medicine are pharmaceuticals and surgery as methods of treating disease. Holists sometimes decry these methods as not addressing the cause of illness, as excessively traumatic or as preventable. But the reality is that in our current state of human knowledge, surgery (and with it pharmaceutical anesthesia techniques) are sometimes a reasonable choice for the treatment of a disease process that is perceived as out of control. At Healthy Human Response, we guide you in using your intuition to make the best choices for you. We teach you how to integrate evidence based alternative and complementary therapies into your surgical experience without antagonizing allopathic care providers.

Persons who have a holistic personal philosophy can be particularly intimidated by a medical diagnosis that includes a recommendation for surgical intervention. They might be surprised by a catastrophic diagnosis that was totally unexpected and be looking for ways to integrate their holistic health beliefs with the prospect of surgery. Or someone who has never studied holistic health may want to explore all options for promoting health and well being during their surgery experience.

If you are contemplating surgery or have decided to have surgery the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Healthy Human Response, LLC will counsel you online during this important time of your life. She will help you explore options for making surgery a positive meaningful experience. Contact us to find out if we are a good fit for helping you create a healing healthcare team.

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